boy and girl perform on stage

The Play's The Thing: Fall HS Productions Educate, Entertain
Posted on 10/20/2019

Tis’ fall in Rio Rancho, and on stages on both sides of Northern Boulevard, murder was in the air.  While Rio Rancho High’s and Cleveland High’s fall drama productions were very different in time and place, both showcased the immense talents of our community’s young actors and technicians. 

Cleveland High:  “Murder’s in the Heir”

With multi-billionaire Simon Starkweather near his deathbed, his family and loyal servants eagerly anticipate getting their share of the wealth.  But when Simon disinherits the whole lot of them, everyone has a motive for wanting him dead!   This twist in this murder mystery that is very reminiscent of the board game “Clue” (Col. Mustard in the library with the candlestick, anyone?) is that at the end of Act 1, the audience votes on who they think did the dirty deed.  The play has several possible endings, and the cast performs the ending fingering the suspect getting the most votes.  Murderous fun for all!

Rio Rancho High: “Romeo and Juliet”

“Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Chicago, where we lay our scene….”  wait a minute, that’s not quite how Will Shakespeare wrote it …  In this adaptation by Lue Douthit, the scene is 1925 gangland Chicago and the Montagues and Capulets are feuding mob families.  Swords become switchblades and zip guns (not real ones, of course!), and those tights and codpieces are replaced with natty suits and fedoras.  But Shakespeare’s words echo just as true in 1925 as they did in 1625, as do the consequences of unbridled hatred.  “A plague on both your houses!”