Lisa Dobson Award Winner

Every year, dozens of students who fall behind or struggle academically take afternoon and evening classes at Rio Rancho Public Schools' Secondary Learning Center (SLC), where they get support to and the chance to make up lost credits and graduate.  It's a relatively unseen part of the district, but vitally important to those students who get a second chance at success. Dozens of students who have caught up their coursework and earned diplomas have Lisa Dobson, the founding principal of the SLC, to thank.  Ms. Dobson was recently honored by the New Mexico School Boards Association with its 2016 Excellence for Student Achievement Award, which honors an individual who plays an outstanding role in improving student achievement.  In the photo above, Ms. Dobson is presented with the award by RRPS School Board President Don Schlichte.  Ms. Dobson joined Rio Rancho Public Schools as a teacher and assistant principal at Rio Rancho High. She then moved over to the former Rio Rancho Mid-High School and served as principal until 2009 when the school closed and she began the Secondary Learning Center.  Ms. Dobson has now retired and Dave Latham, former principal at Independence High and Science Instructional Leader at Cleveland High, will be taking over as the SLC's principal.  Participating school districts statewide each nominate a recipient for the Excellence in Student Achievement Award that can be chosen from among staff members, parents, community members, students, or school and community volunteers.  The Association's board chooses the recipient and the award is presented in conjunction with the local board of education.