Students working in a computer lab

In Rio Rancho, teachers every day are finding new and creative ways to harness technology in a way that helps students get excited about learning and readies them for success in the digital age.  The district honors two of these talented teachers from each school at the annual Technology Champions Awards Dinner, which this year was held on April 26. 

This year's honorees are:  

Cielo Azul Elementary
  Catherine Adams
  Kim Ayres    

  Colinas del Norte Elementary
  Alan Griffin
  Brenda Pope

  Enchanted Hills Elementary
  Nancy Bigelow
  Tammy Sunstrom

  Ernest Stapleton Elementary
  Paul Reichbach
  Jessica York

  Maggie Cordova Elementary
  Shannon Anaya
  Natalie Tiesi

  Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
  Brandy Adams
  Sarah Appel

  Puesta del Sol Elementary
  Carla Longbottom
  Shannon Roybal

  Rio Rancho Elementary
  Jessica Buttermore
  Karra Garcia

  Sandia Vista Elementary
  Julia Giese
  Stephanie Johnson

  Vista Grande Elementary
  Megan Garrigan
  Caitlin Schwartz

Eagle Ridge Middle School
  Carl Higgins
  Kristin Oliver

  Lincoln Middle School
  Susan Brauning
  Sarah Czaporowski

  Mountain View Middle School
  Celia Chavez
  Teresa Page

  Rio Rancho Middle School
  Christina Daly
  Marchell Schuman

  Cleveland High School
  Kayla Scheer
  Angela Seiler

  Independence High School
  Celeste Parrish
  Rio Rancho Cyber Academy
  Mary Louise Danos
  Shawna Mitchell

  Rio Rancho High
  Doreen Abney
  Mike Seiler

  Shining Stars Preschool
  Sarah Farrell
  Rebecca Pierce