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Elementary Boundary Review
School Board Decides Against Boundary Changes

At its Monday, January 27 meeting, the Rio Rancho Board of Education decided to forego changes to elementary school boundaries in favor of a more gradual approach which willl freeze out-of-district and out-of-attendance-boundary transfers into the three schools where students would have been asked to move.  The board and the boundary committee thank all of those parents who provided input into the process.
About the Decision:

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The School Board's decision:
  • Maintains the current school attendance area boundaries
  • Freezes all out-of-district and out- of-boundary transfers into the three schools that would have had students move under the proposed boundary change options (Maggie Cordova, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ernest Stapleton) with the exception of children of teachers and staff working at those schools.   All three of these schools had already frozen most transfers at or before the beginning of this school year. 
The transfer freeze applies only to Maggie Cordova, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ernest Stapleton Elementary.  Other Rio Rancho schools will continue to accept transfer students on a space-available basis.
  • Calls for the building of Joe Harris Elementary as soon as the district can find the funding to do so.  Construction of this school has been on hold for several years due to funding constraints; when completed, it will relieve enrollment at Maggie Cordova, Ernest Stapleton, and Martin Luther King, Jr.  RRPS staff will aggressively look at solutions for fast-tracking the construction of Joe Harris, but even with an accelerated effort completion of the school is most likely a couple of years away.     
The transfer freeze provides for gradual reduction in enrollment through attrition as transfer students move from fifth grade into middle school.  Maggie Cordova, for example, will at the end of this year lose 29 transfer students who are current fifth graders.  In addition, incoming kindergarten classes districtwide have been smaller than exiting fifth grade classes, so there may also be some decline in enrollment through this demographic shift. 
The decision should provide some relief to Maggie Cordova Elementary, the most overcrowded of the three schools, until the more permanent solution offered by the construction of Joe Harris Elementary can be affected. 

Why were boundary changes under consideration?
The proposed options would have relieved current/potential overcrowding at Ernest Stapleton Elementary, Maggie M. Cordova Elementary, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary throught changes to attendance boundaries.  The district and school board were looking at changes to relieve overcrowding and provide room for new students moving into portions of Rio Rancho, particularly Cabezon and Loma Colorado.  The board's decision should still reduce enrollment, particularly at Maggie Cordova Elementary, but the reduction will be more gradual than would have occurred with a boundary change.   

Questions and answers:

The Proposed Options
Current Elementary Boundaries - Click here!


Option 2: Moves 385 students


Option 4: Moves 486 students

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