New home development

Where Are New Homes Being Built?

Click here for a document providing City of Rio Rancho data on current development compiled in July 2016. 

Click here to view a map showing new home starts in Rio Rancho in 2015-17 (red dots are home starts in 2015 (i.e. completed), blue are 2016, and purple are 2017 - note: this is a large file)

We have additionally driven through most of the areas listed on the city’s report.  Several show additional construction and development since the July 2016 count.  The most active are Lomas Encantadas (Sandia Vista), Loma Colorado (Stapleton), Hidden Valley (Enchanted Hills), Solcito (Stapleton), and Cielo Norte (Colinas del Norte).   (Note that two of those five serve Stapleton!)  High Range, which the city shows as still developing, appears to be built out for now with no ground broken for further construction.