What areas are proposed to move?

What areas are proposed to move from Ernest Stapleton to another school?

In reviewing the data, the committee determined that about 200 students from Stapleton's enrollment of 1,000+ would need to be moved.  In order to relieve Stapleton without overcrowding other schools, students would move from two portions of the Stapleton zone into Colinas del Norte and Puesta del Sol Elementary Schools.  After reviewing the public comment and the public input at the parent meetings, the steering committee is recommending that the school board adopt Options 1A and 1C. 
The steering committee determined that its recommendation to adopt Options 1A and 1C better balances the enrollment among the three elementary schools and leaves Puesta del Sol with additional room for growth in anticipation of development in the extreme southern end of the district (west of Rust Presbyterian Hospital). 

Enrollment chart for options 1A and 1C

The chart below shows the enrollment numbers from the original proposal (1A & 1B)Enrollment data effective 3/6/17

There are other plusses as well:

  • Restores the Northern Blvd. feeder alignment except for Solcito and Mirador del Sol.
  • Enrollment at Colinas and Puesta is stable
  • Would balance enrollment across the three schools
  • No effect on current middle school feeder pattern; students would move to the same middle schools as they would if they remained in Stapleton
  • Moves undeveloped areas out of Stapleton to limit further growth in the Stapleton zone
  • Colinas del Norte and Puesta del Sol both have specialized programs unavailable to students at Stapleton

It should be noted that Colinas del Norte and Puesta del Sol are on a different bus tier and bell schedule, with school starting at 7:30 AM and ending at 1:55 PM and no early Wednesday release. The SAFE program at these two schools is geared towards this schedule.Many parents whose students attend Puesta and Stapleton tell us they really like this schedule because it enables them to get to work earlier and keeps students on the same schedule every day.