Boundary adjustment considerations

The factors generally considered in redrawing boundaries include, but are not limited to:

  • Building capacity and utilization with and without portables
  • Student safety considerations
  • Current and anticipated enrollment
  • New development, real estate occupancy/vacancy, and anticipated population growth in various neighborhoods
  • Proximity of schools to where students live
  • Maintaining integrity of neighborhoods wherever possible
  • Transportation considerations
  • Sensitivity to schools’ capacity to serve special needs students and to ethnic/socioeconomic balance
  • Stability of attendance boundaries; moving students as little as possible
  • Feeder school alignment

In addition, the school board and district leadership have provided some additional guidance:

  • High school feeder boundary: To the greatest extent possible, avoid having school boundaries cross Northern Blvd. (the high school boundary line)
  • Transportation:  Availability of buses/drivers and cost of adding routes